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    Every time the SO and I argue.

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    Alison Hendrix + Alison-isms

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    charmed ones + glasses

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That glorious moment when you realize Mark Sheppard is also a demon in Charmed. 




    That glorious moment when you realize Mark Sheppard is also a demon in Charmed. 


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    I don’t have the patience nor the fucks to give to wait for someone to send me a fandom to fill out, so I’m just going with Charmed.

    The first character I first fell in love with: Piper
    The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Kyle
    The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Darryl
    The character I love that everyone else hates: Billie
    The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Jason
    The character I would totally smooch: Chris
    The character I’d want to be like: Chris
    The character I’d slap: Glen
    A pairing that I love: Paige and Kyle
    A pairing that I despise: Piper and Dan

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    Over the last few days, I’ve clicked through every single page at charmed-again.tumblr.com and probably saved at least 80% of all the gifs I found.  It was a fantastic experience, and now I have to watch the entire series again.

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    How could it be good to be witches if all it does is get the people we love killed?

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    when ya friend jim getting a lil antsy


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    First in my replay of main series Pokémon games leading up to #ORAS is the Generation III game Pokémon Sapphire.  I’m glad these Sturdy Geodude can’t withstand OHKOs yet!

, INTJ, PhD student;
Liberal, Kinsey 6, Leo;
Engaged, Gaymer, Ent;
Time Lord, Cylon, Liar;
Pokémon Trainer, Sim;
Ravenclaw, Grey Warden;
Champion of Kirkwall;
Earthbender, Aperture;
House Tyrell, Sorcerer, Inmate;
Fangbanger, Healer, Clone;
District 3 Tribute, Shinigami;
Darklighter, Chthonian;
Watcher of Storybrooke;
High-functioning Sociopath;